ARTICLE | Sports Video Group
Live From MLB All-Star 2021: MLB Network Brings MLB Draft to Denver With Onsite Operations, Remote Support in Secaucus

July 11, 2021

BitFire Networks is providing feeds of at-home draftees, team executives...After a trying year that saw the league’s inaugural virtual Draft, MLB Network is celebrating the first-ever production of this event during All-Star festivities within a packed onsite production truck, remote workflows from multiple control rooms back at headquarters, and remote video feeds from individuals that are enjoying this noteworthy achievement away from Denver’s Bellco Theatre.

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PRESS RELEASE | Industry Trailblazer BitFire Networks Celebrates First Year with Unprecedented Success

July 1, 2021

On its one-year anniversary, BitFire Networks announces plans for continued company expansion amid a year of major growth within the video transmission industry.

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ARTICLE | Sports Video Group
BitFire Networks Keeps Professional Fighters League Productions Connected Across Multiple Sites

May 24, 2021

We are thrilled to be partnered with the Professional Fighters League providing critical production support throughout the 2021 season.

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PRESS RELEASE | Technology Industry Veteran Joins Talented BitFire Networks Team

April 23, 2021

BitFire is excited to announce that Andy Hansen has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Business Development.

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NEWS | BitFire Provides Broadcast Solution to ABC's Syndicated Tamron Hall Talk Show During Covid-19 Shutdown

March 30, 2021

BitFire's commitment to designing and building custom solutions for their clients ensures award winning talk show continues production. 

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Partners with PGA Tour and Trackman to Provide Remote Production Solution

March 16, 2021

BitFire Networks was proud to provide critical support to the PGA Tour and Trackman during the 2021 PLAYERS Championship at Sawgrass.

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Networks Provide NCAA March Madness with Innovative Technology in Covid Era

March 15, 2021

BitFire Networks joins CBS and a nationwide radio network in bringing the NCAA tournament to playoff schools across the country.

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March 4, 2021

BitFire Networks is excited to partner with Brandon Marshall and House of Athlete's Scouting Combine Showcase by providing Live Production expertise and the power of the BitFire Transport Network.

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NEWS | BitFire Makes Foray into Sports Betting with CBS Sports HQ and William Hill Partnership

February 11, 2021

Determined to create new and exciting client relationships despite a challenging year, BitFire forges a partnership with CBS Sports HQ and William Hill, the largest sports betting business in the US.

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Continues to Grow with the Appointment of Industry Expert Ben Hayes as Director of Client Services 

November 16, 2020

BitFire continues its growth with the addition of Benjamin Hayes, a well-known, seasoned broadcast media expert. Hayes joins BitFire as Director of Client Services, bringing nearly two decades of industry expertise as a producer, reporter, and most recently, eight years as Director of Client Services at SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology Corp).

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Shines Under International Spotlight by Deploying 75 Simultaneous Remotes and Over 100 Total IP Broadcast Transport Feeds for 2020 NHL Draft 

October 12, 2020

NHL Network receives remote contribution from 31 NHL clubs and over 40 draft prospects through BitFire’s browser-based FireBridge for its coverage of the 2020 NHL Draft.

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ARTICLE | Sports Video Group
For the NHL Draft, NHL Network's Studios Play Host as Live Feeds Pour in from 31 Team Sites

Leveraging connectivity through BitFire, the league will juggle more than 100 feeds.

October 6, 2020

In this unique year of live sports television in a COVID world, league drafts have emerged as one of the more intriguing and innovative broadcast playgrounds.

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2020 NHL Draft, being held virtually, will be unique for teams, viewers

League using technology to bring people together across North America, Europe

October 5, 2020

The 2020 NHL Draft will be unlike any draft the League has held before and perhaps will hold again. In some ways, it might be better for teams and TV viewers. How often does a team make selections from a cattle ranch in Montana? How often do people get to see prospects at home?

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Partners with SkyCam®, Employs Flexible Network to Transport Video, Audio, Communications, and Remote Camera Control

September 29, 2020

BitFire is deploying its technology with SkyCam for the biggest NFL and collegiate football games this fall across a multitude of broadcast networks, creating new workflows that allow SkyCam the ability to have executive control and troubleshooting oversight, and the capability for remote operation if needed. With support from coast-to-coast, read more about how we have partnered to make sure every SkyCam event is covered by the highest level of tech and operational services.  

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ARTICLE | Sports Video Group
Ken Aagaard, Bob Sullivan Launch BitFire; Combines IP Tech, Production Services

July 13, 2020

The move towards de-centralized production, where various technical and signal transport elements for a sports production are in disparate locations, has accelerated in recent months. It’s created new opportunities for established production entities but also opened the door to some new ones. The latest entrant is BitFire, launched this month by former executives from SNEAKY BIG Studios and Ken Aagaard, longtime sports production professional and former SVG chairman.

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ARTICLE | Sports Business Daily
Crowded schedule will test network capabilities

July 13, 2020

If everything goes as planned this fall — a big if — the sports calendar will be more crowded than it’s ever been.

There is a possibility that NFL games will run alongside college football games, NBA and NHL playoff games, the World Series, golf and tennis majors, Triple Crown races and more.

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ARTICLE | Sports Business Daily
Ken Aagaard Part of New Remote Production Outfit

July 8, 2020

Longtime CBS Sports exec Ken Aagaard is part of a group of sports media vets that have launched BitFire, a company that promises to make it easier to produce sports events remotely. Under Aagaard and former TEGNA and Scripps TV exec Bob Sullivan's leadership, BitFire has already done work with outfits like Fox News, CBS Sports Network and the ACC, which will use BitFire for its annual football media day in the coming weeks. Sullivan is president & CEO of the company; Aagaard is on its board. “We’ve already got a lot of people circling us, and our press hasn’t even hit yet,” Aagaard said.

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PRESS RELEASE | BitFire Responds to New-World Demand for Professional-Grade Live IP Video Transmission for Live Contribution and Production

July 1, 2020

No one could have predicted the wide variety of new and unexpected scenarios that have come about in 2020 requiring sophisticated response, connection, and live contribution. Read here how broadcast geniuses at BitFire are leading the charge in taking live IP Video transmission and production into the future.  

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