BitFire Buzz - April 2021

BitFire Buzz

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of BitFire Buzz, a monthly newsletter from the team at BitFire Networks.

We are so thrilled to have you join us on this journey of making broadcast transmissions simple, seamless and reliable.

You are an important part of that journey as the community of producers, engineers and IT professionals who work in the broadcast industry.

Each month, we hope to share just some of what we are working on, introduce you to the BitFire team and highlight how our platform is impacting the future of distributed production.

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BitFire Makes Your Life Easier

BitFire is the ONLY company that has perfected an all-in-one IP transport system.

Using deterministic latency, we have the ability to seamlessly synchronize multiple audio and video sources from disparate locations.

In addition to our transport technology, we can easily deploy a browser-based production communications solution, remotely control PTZ cameras and DMX lighting controls, or package an entire remote production within our own facilities. 

BitFire is at the forefront of changing live video production into the future.

Simply put, BitFire will get your live production from wherever it is, to wherever it needs to be securely, reliably and at the highest quality possible.
Given our scalability, combined with custom end-to-end solutions for live broadcast and webcast productions, we specialize in productions of any size and scope…regardless of the medium.

With clients ranging from National News Networks to Professional Sporting Leagues, to Major Sporting Rights Holders, to other Broadcast Vendors, BitFire can support any level of production, and almost any facet of production, anywhere in the world.

BitFire is a complete, end-to-end solution for live broadcast and webcast productions of all sizes. We specialize in live event video production, internet streaming and TV broadcasting for sporting events across the country. 

With clients like the NFL, MLB, NHL and Major League Soccer, BitFire produces hundreds of live sports events each year and has perfected the delivery of multi-camera transmission services and broadcast solutions.

Our friends at the NHL chose BitFire when due to COVID-19, the NHL had to cancel their planned live, in-person 2020 NHL Draft.

BitFire delivered its ‘best in class’ IP transmission while expertly manning broadcast engineering support of three national broadcast partners.

The NHL was ecstatic with the flawless, responsive and professional execution of BitFire in the face of unforeseeable challenges.
  • Custom Technology, Extraordinary Quality, Constant Innovation & Development
  • Managed Live Shots from any Device, anywhere in the World with an Internet Connection
  • Intelligently Custom Designed Solutions for Production Needs
  • Seamless Broadcast Quality Transmission
  • Ease of Execution
  • Unparalleled reliability and quality
  • 24/7 Concierge-level Customer Support
  • Fully Managed Service All Under One Roof
  • Simple, Manageable and Competitive
  • Delivered at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Broadcast Transmission
  • On-Location Audio and Video Acquisition
  • Deterministic Lens-to-Screen Latency
  • Configurable Bitrates
  • Point-to-Multipoint Distribution 
  • Fully Monitored Feeds
  • No Software to Download

  • Notable Broadcast Experts 
  • Fully Staffed Network Operations Center with Broadcast Engineers
  • Available 24/7
  • Ability to Handle a Varied
    Level of Client Needs
  • Due to Diverse Capabilities
    and Technologies
First Quarter Highlights
  • eMLS Cup
    • Full REMI Production using BitFire control room in Boston
    • Multiple BitFire Talent Kits deployed for US and Internationally based talent
    • Decentralized multiple event production done via BitFire FireBridge
  • NCAA Tournament
    • Ultra-low latency FireBridge feeds used to monitor event game of the 2021 NCAA Tournament
    • Custom audio configuration to support variable client needs
    • FireBridge feeds used to support radio broadcasts for national rights holder Westwood One and multiple school affiliates.
  • Players Championship
    • BitFire servers installed to distribute broadcast quality and low-latency video feeds between onsite TPC production and key broadcast vendor
    • Setup used to reduce onsite capacity – while providing vendor with the critical video feeds needed to execute their solutions  


ICYMI on Social

NFL great Brandon Marshall partnered with BitFire Networks for live streaming of his ‘House of Athlete Scouting Combine Showcase’, five hours of broadcast television profiling top NFL prospects showing off their skills ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft.  Producers, engineers and family members could all watch the production unfold from anywhere, with just a half-second of latency, thanks to the BitFire FireBridge. Watch now.
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